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FIX Thevideo.me pair and Vidup.me pair Stream Authorization Kodi Error

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As usual all the kodi users are watching their favourite movies through their different video add ons such covenant, exodus,…etc There is no problem till now but you have observed it or not i don’t know it will show you a list of servers in that list you may see thevideo or vidup. What is the vidup or thevideo actually this is a server it will deliver your favourite videos without any ads or any interruptions. To get this you have to pair it to your device and to solve thevideo.me pair or vidup.me pair stream authorization error, you have to  do some more work to get better performance from it. If you want to use this vidup on your kodi you have to total information about it.

What are thevideo.me Pair and Vidup.me Pair?

The pairing process is mandatory to watch your favourite videos through the different add ons on your kodi. To pair your device with the vidup.me you have to know your IP address of your using add on device and you should attach or pair it to vidup.me server or openload server. The connection will lost after four hours. After completing the four hours you can not watch any videos till you reconnect your device with thevideo.me/openload. Reconnection will deliver your favourite video upto next four hours so this should be done for every four hours. This is some brief about to pairing procedure.

Guide To Fix Thevideo.me Pair Stream Authorization Error on Kodi 17

  1. When you are watching your favourite videos through your exodus or any other add ons you might see a list of servers
  2. From that list you have to select thevideo server . You will be getting an error after you trying to open it. It means you need vidup tv pair stream authorization. To get this you have to follow the below link
  3. You need to go for a link at where you get your device IP address and the link is https://thevideo.me/pair. Then you need to click on Activate Streaming.
  4. Now you can get a message that your IP is able to deliver your favourite videos up to four hours
  5. Finally you have to go to kodi video addon whatever you use either exodus or any other add ons that will deliver your favourite videos by the help of thevideo server. Now it will work for you up to four hours.

If you follow the above steps to fix stream authorization to use thevideo.me pair the error will not come. So to avoid the error follow the above steps as early as possible.


This article will give you more information about FIX Thevideo.me pair and Vidup.me pair Stream Authorization Kodi Error. If you want to fix this you need to know the whole process to pair your device IP with the https://olpair.com server for that you should read this article till you come to the final line. If you struggling with any doubts after reading this article you can know the solutions to your queries through the comment box.

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